Stepan Krasnov

Was born in Moscow in 1983, career began in 97 from traditional graffiti, later practiced Muralism and Street art. Studied at the Berlin Art School. Now working on exhibition projects and continues street art activity. The art works in funds and private collections, and in the streets of Spain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Morocco, France, USA and Russia.

The main theme in the work is a person with his emotional background and place in society. Man as a unit of the community, and as formative element, of any social groups are built.
The main creative element is the dot. In abstract work, in pop-art, or painting in the style of pointillism, which also traces the element of digitalism. Points as the main form-building element of everything around
Most of the paintings are made in the technique of non-contact painting. This is when there is no contact and the artist did not touch the canvas with a brush, but simply sprayed paint.

Solo exhibition

2009. «Contraband», ATM gallery, Berlin.
2009. «Contraband», Redspective, Berlin.

 Some group exhibition

2006. «Horizontal» M’ARS gallery, Moscow.
2006. «Graffiti-winzavod» Winzavod, Moscow.
2006. «Street Art», State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
2007. «Adaptation», M’ARS gallery, Moscow.
2008. «Tales of Young Brothers» Gallery Art and Science, Moscow.
2009. «Bright Festival», Frankfurt.
2009. «Night of Museums» Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
2012. «War and Peace»,X-MAX Gallery, Ufa.
2013. «Frontir», Gallery Art and Science, Moscow.
2014. «Tranzit Zone», Permm Museum, Perm.
2014. «Red light district» Jardin Rouge ,Marrakech.
2015. «StreetArch», Architecture Museum, Moscow.
2016. «Do you speak my language», Marrakech Biennale 6, Marrakech.
2016. «Selfie», Redpipe Gallery, Los Angeles.

 Some public art project

2006. «Festival of Colors», Moscow
2010. «Sretenka Design Week», Moscow
2010. «5Asalto»,  Zaragoza
2010. «Arte para todos», Sevilla
2011. «The Wall»,  Berlin
2013. «Artbat»,  Almata
2013. «LGZ», Moscow
2014. «Open walls», Barcelona
2015. «Outdoor Museum», Magnitogorsk
2015. «Jardin Rouge», Marrakech
2016. «MOS», Antwerp
2016. «Meeting of Styles», San Francisco
2017. «MOS», Milan